Election Law

We have handled a wide variety of election law matters. We have advised many candidates with regard to how they can comply with the requirements for getting on the ballot. We also have consulted with candidates and parties to determine whether or not they have grounds for objecting to the nominating papers of opposing candidates. We have prepared, filed and pursued challenges to the nominating papers of candidates, in some cases causing them to be removed from the ballot.

We recently challenged the attempt by a party to fill a vacancy in nomination. As a result of our efforts, the candidate was removed from the ballot.

We also have advised candidates for Congress with regard to the structuring of their voter protection efforts.

We have prepared referenda for taxing districts and for individuals seeking to place an advisory referendum on the ballot.

We defended the right of a political organization to run a radio advertisement criticizing the candidate opposed by the group. The opposing candidate sought an injunction to prevent the group from continuing to run the radio spot. With only a few hours’ notice, we prepared a response to the motion and successfully argued that the first amendment to the United States Constitution and Illinois law prohibited the court from issuing a prior restraint against political speech.

Shortly before the November 2008 General Election, we represented a county political party organization in opposing efforts by the opposing party to require newly registered voters to show identification or vote by provisional ballot.  We were successful in defeating a motion for a temporary restraining order four days before the election, arguing that the relief requested was unwarranted by the facts and contrary to both Federal and Illinois law.  This case also required that we present our client’s view to the press, and we were successful in communicating the client’s message through interviews with reporters and a press conference after one court appearance.